Website Performance Report for Mandala Naturals

GT Metrix generates a free website performance report using results from Google’s ‘Lighthouse’ Web service, but packages it up in a more visual, palatable form. It’s just based on publicly-available data, no administrative access is needed:

It’s saying here that page load times for the Mandala Naturals site (henceforth ‘MN’) are slow enough to merit a grade of ‘D’. Page load speed is a very important ranking factor for Google, which means that MN’s Search Engine Optimization rankings are being downrated, and the site will be less visible on Search Engine Results Pages, compared to its competitors.

A main suggestion they make towards remediation is to start employing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The most popular of these is Cloudflare, which offers an introductory tier of service which is free. Cloudflare is an Open Source project, a Labor of Love from some of the world’s foremost Internet Engineers, and provides a multitude of security and performance enhancements. I’ve used it many times.